Senior School - Tangaroa Hub

Our Senior syndicate team is made up of a passionate and hard working team, who have connected really well to work collaboratively as a hub. The four classes are known as home rooms and the children are able to work across all spaces when they meet the criteria of a self managing student. We love teaching all areas of the curriculum and we use the strengths of the team in each area to provide rich, engaging and differentiated learning tasks to meet the needs of all learners. We are one-to-one with devices so each child is provided with an ipad. This adds to a balanced programme; using technology and book work to enhance the learning tasks and to help prepare each student for a changing world. We strive to meet the needs of the whole child and create an environment where the students can flourish and prepare themselves for intermediate and beyond. 

Our Team:

Rūma Tekau (Yr 5&6) Maddi McIntyre

Rūma Tekau mā tahi (Yr 5&6) - Clare White (Team Leader) and Sharon McRae

Rūma Tekau mā rua (Yr 5&6) - Paul Benefield

Rūma Tekau mā toru (Yr 5&6) - Ange Ward

Learning Coaches: Tammy Bishop & Rachel Willacy